excuse me.. No favoritism please!

I have a confession to make before I go any further. I am unable to select three favorite words. This is besides the point that I do not love favoritism as it amounts to giving preferential treatment to a person or group of people over other people or groups in the same unit and for that matter words. It is because I do not believe it is right in favoring of one person or group over others with equal claims… I mean words.
Even if I had believed in favoritism, I never will succeed in selecting three favorites as I find love and hate so very contextual. I won’t even succeed to zero down the words I hate most if I leave the word ‘hate’ itself out of the equation.
Having confessed at the beginning, I now feel so much relieved as if a stone has been lifted from my chest. This is an awesome feeling! I love feeling awesome, that’s another confession.  
Since confessing made me feel awesome which is a feeling that I really love,  I may be right to presume that confessing could be a favorite. In this context awesome and love are two words that compliment confess to elevate me to this state of euphoria by which I actually mean an affective state of exaggerated well-being or elation.These triplet collectively does qualify to be favorite, technically if not otherwise.
There could be another set of words that I would have loved had the context been different. For example had I been on a holiday mode, I would have all my passions and energy going behind Airport, Hotel and Restaurants to get the amazing feelings all through the holidays.
However, the magic is all around when I am with my daughter. Magic is not only  associated with “once upon a time” that she loves to hear. Its also not limited to the “magic e” in spellings she find so very challenging to learn and would rather leave it to “fate”, which incidentally is an apt example of a word with magic “e”.
The real magic is in the three words that everyone knows from their childhood. Thank you, sorry and please. Only if all of us could use them without prejudice or inhibition, this world would have been so much better place to live. I will not try to reason why, as the guru already said “If to do were as easy as to know what were good to do, chapels had been churches and poor men’s cottages princes' palaces.”

There are men of words and then there are also words off men as the highlighted words of the following sentence. and that could . Will a maverick guy be lynched and end in mausoleum if he was a Casanova? That could also be a set of potential favorites as I have written once before five men of words.

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  1. this was a tricky post! I love all kinds of words, new words make me curious about their origin, old words are familiar and i find comfort in using them and as per a recent fb quiz i was told 'children' is my favourite or most used word ;)
    I dont trust fb much beyond its superficiality but this could well be true.

  2. Nice post...thanks for sharing!!!


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