Peace - belief, pretense, gimmicks, et. al.

We are human beings and history tells us that we could never agree for universal peace. Only a dreamer could fathom absolute peace in this world. The lesser mortals who form the backbone of our civilization will be content with peace of mind at the individual level.  
I am looking at this portrayal of a scene from the 5th century AD where strong Hun men are killing a woman and her child. It could be for any pretense but unjustifiable. One and half thousands years later, unfortunately very little has changed. The time and place kept changing while the pain remained the same. It's equally unjustifiable today!
"The Huns at the Battle of Chalons" from page 135 of A Popular History of France From The Earliest Times Volume I of VI
Since the beginning of human civilization, our leaders driven by lust for power, wealth or women has been leading groups of strong opportunist and sometimes disillusioned people to kill our innocent population. If you want to give it a name, be my guest to pick any one from the basket containing the words: war, resistance, protest, revolution or to maintain peace and stability in the country. It really doesn’t matter. I have no trust in anything that the leaders of the leading world nations says or does in the name of peace. I see all those as gimmicks, hogwash or a pretense to control resources.
There is another interesting aspect of our choice. We  not only love to kill, we also like to do it with style. That is the only justification that I find behind have the swords and daggers have gold or silver plated designs. The less violent one would probably not mind spending $1000 - 5000 to have a few of those decorated daggers or pistols coolly displayed in their showcases.
Another fact of life is that we also find entertainment in cruelty. Earlier they gathered in the Colosseum to watch gladiators kill one another. Today rather than rushing to the amphitheaters, we stay focused into our television sets where the media keep dramatizing a massacres. They 3D graphics wherever possible to help their audience visualize a murder or a rape. I wonder why does the media has to go with so much of gory details? I am not going to delve into any details for what the perpetrators have committed in Mumbai or Iraq or Paris.

Is everything lost? definitely not.

It's never too late to start bringing in hope for peace. However, we need to start from own self and within ourselves. Let take the first step and pledge together to eliminate all violent thoughts from within our own self. Let this nonviolence flow like a fresh breeze through changing them as it touches rest of our family members, neighborhood, community, so on and so forth.
I believe I am a dreamer. Just as our Johnny boy sang and I know I am not the only one. Together we hope that someday  all will join us and the world will be one, a peaceful one. To reach where we want to reach, let’s start a new cycle by #BloggingForPeace with BlogAdda   


  1. Nothing is more "newsworthy" that negativity. It is sad that only the wars and the attacks get front page coverage and as part of the audience, I must say it does capture our minds. This cycle is an endless loop that needs to be stopped.


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