Live & Let Live

A famous tomb stone screams out to all willing to listen, that he was neither born nor died but visited the planet earth from one date to the other. This, if at all anything, spells out one fundamental truth about our existence. We are mere visitors to this planet and there are only few circumstances that we controlDespite our presumed progress in science, we are not sure where we came from and where we are going and if there is a life after death or the reason behind this illusion, we call our mortal existence.
However, while we stay here, we try to believe that we are permanent and should have everything that we set our eyes upon. We have to control the lives and wish of every living creatures around us including the fellow human beings and other beautiful body & souls’. We wish to dictate what they ought to do and what not to do, what to wear and what not to wear, where to go and where not to go, whom to befriend and whom not to  and the list doesn't stop here. We also want to have everything that is nice and good for ourselves, be it food, wealth, land, forests, water or any other resources. We want it all and we want it for ourselves or for our tribes and we want our tribe to "live long and prosper" and it is true for all living creatures too. This excessive craving for power and lust compounded with uncontrolled greed makes our as well as others live miserable.

My wish is to do away with all these in my new world. Leaving that aside, there is nothing wrong in this mortal world full of unpredictability and surprises. Yes there is nothing wrong with our earth along with its celestial system. I therefore wish not to change any of those.

I would only make a minimal reprogramming of the genes that dictates these characteristics of the living visitors to this planet. This is to ensure that our needs never exceed our requirements or vice versa. We are not driven by greed, our ego doesn't threaten the peace of others and we do not kill each other. Most importantly we have a world devoid of any “arms race”, neither literally nor metaphorically and not even genetically.

Imagine there’s no weapons… imagine there’s no greed… imagine there’s no ego…
Imagine all the beings, living life in peace …Uh ho!. This would be the song of life in my "Remade World" when sung in Lennon's tune.


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