What's in a Surname

This is the 100th post of my blog and dedicated to the Indian Woman.

Why should Indian woman change their surname after marriage? They are one of the most educated people in this universe and stand shoulder to shoulder with the men folk. Their contribution in our society is immeasurable and so is their dominance. Most of us were taught in our school and colleges by women and we still fondly remember them with respect and sometime with fear.  In brief they are smart, capable, respected and in charge. So changing their surname is their decision similar to visual symbols of marriage, like saree, mang, bindi, mangal sutra and the likes which some might consider as adornment.
But like a celebrity once said, India is so vast and so diverse that whatever we say about India is true but incidentally the opposite is also true. So on one side there is equal opportunity for all and all genders or more appropriately equality exist among equals and on the other side a vast majority of our women are shackled by injustice, primitive mindset and cruel male ego.
While there is no need for a surname to provide an identity for a self respecting independent individual male or female, there is a need for a family name for the weak and dependent. Every child needs one during the growing years and so does some women by necessity or by choice which could be love, prestige, privilege or anything in-between.

A man too does not need to carry the surname, family name or fathers name along with their own but most of the time they chooses to do just that...


  1. I guess it is more of a tradition and cultural aspect to carry surname along...but it should not hurt as long as we respect the genders (especially women) otherwise.


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