The Construction Man

This post is designed to make the ace construction manager look like a super hero, a character that is larger than life and well deservedly so. Getting skyscrapers, high risers of even a 30 storied building for that matter is not a child’s play. Anyone who had tried playing with block during childhood will know what I mean. If you are still not convinced, try your hand making a sand castle on your next trip to the beach.

The construction industry is very diverse and could easily challenge the nature with its variety.  One has to be brave, assertive and at the same time demonstrate agility in approach to survive in this industry. Unlike the designers, who are primarily dreamers, the construction teams deal with harsh reality and transforms ideas into built forms. There is no gate pass to the top for the timid or the weak. But that for the top, not all who fall on the line are smart, most of them are as clumsy as they come.

A complex construction project has the prime contractor and the lead consultants the construction managers of the PM-CM firm who represent the project. The leaders of each of these three are the lead characters of the construction project and can make a difference between success and failure. They are the boss-man and more often than none demand the top dollar. They are the Construction Man (agers).

But to be there one has to prove his mettle and that it is not easy to navigate through the crowd of alpha males without stomping others foot or stabbing in the back. It requires solid foundation built upon technical as well as managerial strengths. The multitude of the qualities necessary will give any superstar from a Bollywood or Hollywood movie a run for the money. Nevertheless, I will list those below anyway:

·        Core knowledge competencies in either civil, Structure or MEP
·        Knowledge of building materials and construction methods
·        Knowledge of contract and specifications
·        Effective communication and presentation skills
·        Team building and resolving conflicts
·        Capable of estimating and cost accounting of the project
·        Knowledge of Value Engineering
·        Project controls and schedule development and analytical know-how
·        Familiar with business law and Labour laws
·        Construction claims and Negotiating skills
·        Awareness of integrating building systems including Fire and life safety systems


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