The power of Woman

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I believe that our society is still matriarch in its structure. There is at least one woman who motivate, inspire of dictate us at various point in life. In the chronological sequence we get introduced to them within the family. We see the dominance of Grandmother give way to our mother followed by sisters, wife and finally our daughters.  
Even today how many men leaving aside the rogue ones, the ones defined by the dictionary meaning of a dishonest, knavish person; scoundrel can dare to disobey their mother. This love and respect for mother has been glorified in our movies in all Indian languages. There are instances, not very old when the mother had intervened and brought some kind of resolution when the two famous Mumbai bothers fought for the family billions. This power of the mother probably has inspired our ancestors to perceive women as the Goddess and place them on the high alter. 
But once outside the family limit, the male of the species seems to be a different animal. They seem to classify the rest as other women and other's women look at them differently. We are extremely worried about our society particularly the way it treats our women and the concerns are reinforced every morning once we get over the newspaper. When it comes to the other women and other's women, they end up being simply object de desire and even the age cease to be a factor.

This is not only in India but a global phenomenon. A quick look at the statistics extracted from paints a gory picture. 
A new case is reported every 20 or 22 minutes and in 2012, the conviction rate for rape was 24.2%. “Adjusted for population growth over time, the annual rape rate in India has increased from 1.9 to 2.0 per 100,000 people over 2008-2012 period. This compares to a reported rape rate of 1.2 per 100,000 in Japan, 3.6 per 100,000 in Morocco, 4.6 rapes per 100,000 in Bahrain, 12.3 per 100,000 in Mexico, 24.1 per 100,000 in United Kingdom, 28.6 per 100,000 in United States, 66.5 per 100,000 in Sweden, and world's highest rate of 114.9 rapes per 100,000 in South Africa.”

While there is no comfort in the fact that other nations are worse than ours, there is one thing that we need to do. We need to start to bring a change at this very moment and this change has to start from individual homes. We cannot expect to see the changes next morning but without doubt we will leave a safer and better world for the future generations to come. We do not have to treat the women as Goddess but fellow human beings with the equal right to live and let live.


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