A Dream That Everyone Dreams

 My “dream home” has fascinated me and my mind since I was a kid. As the mini me then, I would think of a home by a river miles away from the hustle bustle of the city where the only sounds would be from the flowing water and an occasional bird chirping.  As I grew up, I started loving the mountains and my dream of a dream house gradually veered towards the mountain and I started dreaming of a small house atop a huge mountain from where the only things my eyes could see was the cliffs covered with white ice. I would dream of myself seating on the window with a cup of steaming coffee and watching the mountains while drifting away to the dreamland.  Time passed fast and soon, I started to dream about living by the sea in a secluded island and watching the sea roar, cool breeze blowing over my shoulder and me sitting on the rooftop with a can of beer in my hand and wondering what made the ancient travelers take to the sea or if mermaids were a reality.
Now at this age, I dream of a different kind of a house, not on the mountains, not by a desolate river or a distant desolate island.

Now, I dream of a house near the city, albeit a few hundred kilometers away from the din and bustle of the city.  The property I dream of is of a few acres (not hundreds but 10 would be just fine).  The outer perimeter of the property would be lined with trees.  The trees would provide me with lots of oxygen and privacy and provide nesting place for my winged companions.  The driveway would be lined with trees on both sides and would lead to my “dream house.”
In the middle of the property, an expansive Victorian style two and half storey bungalow would stand in its full glory.  The exterior of the building would be made from stones/bricks and would be designed in such a way that nature would peep in once in a while during the course of the day bringing in ample natural light and ventilation.  I would like to have plenty of bedrooms, outdoor and indoor kitchens and large living and dining spaces.  There will be terraces, balconies and living spaces all meticulously intertwined with open, close and semi covered transitions.  At the top floor would be my studio cum office where I would like to write/paint and meditate. The stairway would showcase lots of artwork and sculptures building up the mood of the exclusive guest visiting my art gallery in the basement.

Behind the bungalow would be a swimming pool, L shaped, with a diving board. The uniqueness of this pool would be an aquarium running along all the sides of the pool. While swimming in the pool, I would be having fish in their natural surrounding for my company. Beyond the pool would be a tennis court, a basketball court, and a small amphitheater with music systems for those wild crazy nights.
Around the tree lining and the outer perimeter of the property, I would like to have my organic farm, where I would grow all my vegetables and fruits.

Till that dream become a reality, I will have to be content with the 3 Bedroom apartment that I possess. I would love to have it redecorated with intrinsic details so as to evoke the feeling that I am actually living in my dream house. The walls of the bedrooms would be painted with earth colors and the living room would be painted white being accentuated with classically framed artworks. But one face of living room will be a video wall eliminating the need for a TV but equipped with touch screen and powered by a search engine bringing in answers to any query that one might have. The flooring will be combination of parquet, marble and some exquisite imported tiles. The wall of the bathroom will be lavishly cladded with hand painted ceramic tiles leaving the wall behind the bathtub for a large aquarium. The kitchen will be no less comfortable than a bedroom with clean lines and built-in appliances and seamless surfaces.
Each Bedroom set will be of a style distinctly different form one another with matching framed artworks a choice that Godrej Interio could easily provide from their wide range of products. While we would prefer to have the wooden look wardrobes in all the bedrooms, we shall have a traditional storewell in the study fully equipped with an electronic safe to keep important materials safe and secured. The balconies will be done in a way that will bring the nature into the interior living spaces and shall be illuminated by solar powered lamps as soon as the sun goes down.

My apartment will then be a place where, I shall close my eyes and envision I am sitting in the heaven and when I open my eyes I will see the same place. The only thought that will come to my mind will be "if there is paradise on face of the earth, it is this, it is this, it is this”.


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