Elsa and the Dragon

I will not claim this blog post as mine. To be precise, this is not even a blog post, it is a Vlog post and I did not have to sweat as my enthusiastic second grader took charge. She said, "I never won a competition in my entire life.” That’s quite a strong statement for someone who just celebrated her 7th birthday. “I am going to record it very nicely so that I will win!" she declared.  

I did the editing to fit it within the allowable 90 seconds, sacrificing some important aspects of her creativity. The storyline after editing can be summarized as below:

“Elsa lives in a castle. This time she has magical power to bring in rains. Her sister Ana is trapped by a dragon in a tower and the knight fails to rescue her. Elsa uses her special powers to free her sister. There is a twist to the story in the form of them getting a baby brother. … and they happily live ever after.”
The video can be watched here: Elsa and the Dragon

One lesson learnt during this exercise is the realization that work done by others with ease is not necessarily easy. Therefore, next time I do not like a part or a whole movie, I will be very reluctant to criticize.
Being the dad and her only other partner in this mission, I do feel she have done a commendable job.
I congratulated her for the effort and said "you are already a winner darling and will get an assured prize from your dad."
Now I rest the rest to judges.

This post is part of   #ColgateMagicalStories  competition hosted by   indiblogger   
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The following version of the video blog, thoughnot part of the competition, is an elaborate one and gives an insight into the making of this movie. Making of the Movie



  1. Congratulations to Varshika (did I get it right?) for her creative endeavor and thanks for the lovely song.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement. Yes, Varshika she is.

  2. She is brilliant. I am rooting for this one to win the grand prize. Love her confidence and poise. Good luck!

  3. @Blogwati
    Thanks for your comments. You are very kind.
    We do wish that she gets recognition.


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