One Evening At Orion, Bangaluru

We were in Bangalore for 3 days towards the end of July, 2015. It’s a lovely city but seemed to have everything in excess and that includes people, cars and bikes.  One evening we dropped down at the Orion Mall. It was a bit crowded but if you discount that, it was a great experience.

The parking was available in the adjacent multi-storied parking garage which was well staffed helping to find the right parking spot.

Security screening at the entrance made us pause for a few moment but I am not allergic to such checks and incidentally this is the norm in India these days.
Once inside the mall, we were amazed by the display of flowers. The sheer size and complexity of these installations were simply breathtaking.

The mall is lined up with variety of stores and should satisfy everybody's need. The prices were competitive and more so for the branded stores. We did manage to identify and cash on a few great deals.
The place provided a level of comfort to all and it was interesting to see singles, couples and family equally at ease whether they were shopping, window shopping or just chilling.
I however would advise to avoid going there during public holidays or long weekends, in case you are looking for some privacy and space.

The star attraction during our visit, particularly for my daughter was the weaver weaving a very complicated saree inside the store in real time.



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