Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Tel - Ecommunication & Speed

The Banerjees are a happy family of four. The parents and the brothers and sisters, all busy with their daily chores.
While the younger ones are in their teens and full of excitement, the parents are having are going through what everybody calls, a midlife crisis. Nothing seems to excite them any longer.
Mrs. Banerjee has decided to start her own consultancy. She has chosen a though challenge of reviving faltering businesses by giving their trademark products a new lease of life.

Mr. Banerjee on the other hand wants to come out of his plum finance job and dive into fashion consultancy and photography.
Scene 1:
Date: 20 July 2015
Time: 9:00 AM
Place: The living room, Banerjee Residence, Kolkata, India.

Son: I am fed up with this Ipad. I have been trying to upload the bike trick from this morning and all that I can see is circles.
Daughter: Mama, He had promised that he will give me the pad after 15 minutes and now it’s more than an hour and still not giving me. I wanted to listen to that song before I go to school. There is a audition tomorrow.

Mrs B: Oh! Keep quiet both of you. If I cannot send my proposal within the next hour, I will miss the biggest chance of my life. My career will be history.
Mr. B: (trying to answer a business call and at the same time upload a power point presentation from the laptop) this internet speed is going to kill me. That’s the biggest handicap of our telecommunication industry. I had worked so hard to get the contract for designing the costumes of the participants of the music talent hunt program that’s going to start on the TV soon. I got the styles, theme, and budget all in place but if I cannot present it, what was the point in working so hard. I agree the files are big but that the nature of the game.

 Sometime later .....
Mr. Banerjee have taken the wise decision to install Airtel 4G for their home internet network as well as his smartphone. Now their work takes about the same time as it used to take but communication time and the frustration time has been wiped off the system. By 8:00 AM in the morning all family members are done with their pre-breakfast internet chores and ready to face the day.
Scene 2:
Date: 2 September 2015
Time: 8:30 AM
Place: The living room, Banerjee Residence, Kolkata, India.

Mrs. B: The breakfast is being served. Everyone hurry up.
Son: Hey Sis, do you need the pad. I am done with it. Dad, you need to see the highlight of yesterday’s exhibition match between Arsenal and Manchester U. It was superb.
Daughter: Thanks Bro! You are being too kind these days. I am suspicious.

Mr. B: Leave the pad aside. Let’s talk over the breakfast, it’s good to start the day with some great family time. It makes the stress disappear give lots of positive energy to deal with the challenges of the day.
Thanks to our new 4G connection, it has added some precious hours to each day of our life and we can enjoy this time with each other and still stay focused on our goals and dreams.

Everyone: Thanks a lot for getting us these unbelievable speed, we can do all we do so much quicker and with so much ease.


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