You May Say I' am a Dreamer

I always dreamt of a home, just like in the film President (1937) “Ek bangala bane nayara, ati sundar pyara pyara, Vishwakarma ke dwara.”  Yes, dreamt and not really own a home as in my dream, but I am hopeful of fulfilling my dream pretty soon.  I always have dreamt big as they say “when you dream, dream big.”

I would like to own my dream home in a skyscaper and would like to buy myself a duplex on the 20th and 21st floor of a high rise. Just as K. L. Saigal would have sung “Itana uncha bangala ho yeh mano gagan ka tara, jis pe chadh ke indradhanush par jhulaa jhule chand humara”.

The property would have the guest room, lounge, dining, and kitchen on the first level and the 3 bedrooms on the second level and a terrace.  Each of the bedrooms would have balconies, a small dressing room, and the master bedroom would have a small study attached to it.The maid's room, however, will be semi detached.

As for the interiors, the flooring would be wooden and the doors and windows would have a mahogany brown wooden color. The walls would be painted cream and the ceiling white. The kitchen would be a spacious one with marble flooring and fitted with both chimney and exhaust (as we do use a lot of grease in our cooking). It would be fitted with GI modular (from Godrej Interio) and all the regular electronic fittings (viz, toasters, dish cleaner, grinder, juicer etc).

The living/lounging area would be fitted with a home theater and would have a lot of art work on the walls.  The stairs leading to the second level would have exquisite sculptures.

The home will be a smart home with interactive devices and gadgets and will be equipped with Godrej furniture and security systems. The interiors will be designed with a minimalist approach with lots of open spaces.

 Now, that is my dream and I believe I am going to live my dream someday, Goddess Lakshmi willing or in K. L. Saigal’s words “Bhandar hoye lachami ke haathon mei sara, paye ab jibhar ke sukh jisne bipat uthaye.”


  1. wonderful use of the song for your dream house

  2. One man built a cabin on top of his luxurious property. It is now on foreclosure...


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