A Baby is a Precious Little Miracle – Pamper her

Only a few moments ago, it seems a precious little miracle happened in our life as our beautiful angel was delivered. Today she sits next to me discussing what would protect the soft skin of a baby.  

It was a brilliant idea, I thought to have a family discussion on a subject like this. Moreover, it provides an excellent opportunity for my daughter, a second grader to participate and brainstorm on a topic.

We started by asking ourselves what was most important for a baby. There was no surprise in that. It was sleep, we all agreed as they sleep for the best part of the day. Babies, however have shorter sleeping cycles compared to adults and it gets even shorter if she became wet and uncomfortable.

That is one of the reasons why we keep a waterproof material for the baby to sleep on. The most common practice is a rubber cloth topped up with soft linen.
“Is this comfortable” I asked the house and it was a "No” in a chorus. “The baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying, every time she wets herself” the daughter quipped.

“A happy baby need to have continuity in sleep and wetness is not permitted”, I try to sum up after everyone has put enough ideas on the tables. I steer the discussion in order to list down 5 practical hints for protecting the soft skin of a baby.
  • 1. “Soft linen is good but it should be dry and therefore she needs to wear a diaper at the night. Otherwise she might have irritation or maybe rashes.”  I appreciate the style as my daughter delivered the knowledge acquired only moments earlier and wonder how fast babies grow up. 
  • 2. “You know, before putting on a fresh diaper one should wipe the baby dry and apply a soft skin cream” she repeats a point her mother mentioned a little while back. 
What else could you think of, I question the two females sitting beside me?
  • 3. “Always wash the clothes using an antiseptic liquid as it is important to disinfect the clothes in addition to cleaning,“ suggests the elder of the two. " Don't forget to apply baby powder before putting on the clothes" reminds my little one.
  • 4. “Should we not use fabric softeners”, I think aloud. “Only if the baby likes the smell” tells my little one. Point well taken I signal with a nod. A sample test required before using this liquid for her clothes.
  • 5. ”The last one should be temperature, daddy” she says. I give her a puzzled look as if to ask what’s wrong about the temperature. “The clothes she wears should always be suitable for the temperature around. She should be comfortable and not feel too warm or cold” she expands. “Ah ha! That’s important to avoid the baby's skin getting dry or sweaty” I make a mental note. “Also make it a point not to use cold water while washing the clothes as results is always better with warm water” the mother chips in on temperature.
“Thanks team! We are done with this assignment,” I declare signalling them to focus their energy and attention somewhere else.

“We can have such discussions more often,” the daughter looks at me expectantly.

“We most certainly shall have more such discussions on a variety of subjects in the coming days”, I get up appreciating their contribution and realizing how involved a child can get given the right opportunity.

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  1. It is always a nice thing to have conversations going with the children and not just babyish talk. Its not funny what they can come up with when we take treat them seriously. I am glad you seem to think.so too.

    Is this in any way an advertorial for Pampers? If it is, its a nice one and i liked the play of words.


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