Come on get off my back. Leave me alone!

I am getting intimidated by the demanding and commanding nature of all with whom I have association these days.I agree that I have requested for a wakeup call in the morning but when I open my eyes and give a pat that task should be considered completed. There is no need to keep calling me again and again like a nagging child. That's one time when I feel like throwing the phone away and teach it a lesson but only the price tag even with those sleepy eyes keep me from doing that.

I collect all the resolution it takes and get ready for work get into the car. As soon as I switch the ignition on, the car starts beeping to remind me about the seat belt. I say “Thank you very much” and move on. As I continue with my journey, there it goes again beeping at a much higher pitch. I say “shut up!” you did your duty now let me too have some rights to decide. It gives a damn and keep beeping which I ignore for some time and finally give in as the score goes love - two.

I reach office and try to access my email account but the server reminds me change my password. This is the single most important aspect for me being the communication lifeline, I decide not to mess around and key-in a new password which is easy to remember. The server object saying it’s not secure enough and instructs me to use special character, numerals in addition to alphabets. I somewhat complicate my otherwise simple character to create a password strong enough for their taste and satisfaction. Score goes Love - three.

Now it wants my mobile number so to ensure even more safety and I punch in the numbers eager to get along with my work. But now it tells me that a code will be sent to my phone and it does after a while.

The first mail I check is a promotional one luring me to buy something from somewhere. I bite the bait and head for the mega sale on the Apps. Now the app wants to do is check my location. That's purely an intrusion into my privacy and get worried about the grip the one who woke me up in the morning is trying to have on my life.

“Come on, get off my back! Let me alone!” I murmur before I get going with the daily work routine.

Last score of the morning: one – three. Game paused.


  1. Hahahaha! Good one.
    Technology will soon start nagging about buying groceries too. Din ashche..

  2. Jani shey din asche khub shigiri

    But the good thing is that I will retire before have a Robot as my line manager.

  3. Unfortunately the Robot age isn't very far off :-)..well-written!

  4. Love this. A very nice look at our modern life.

  5. Delegate to the robot!!

    Shubho Bijoya!

  6. Delegate to the robot!!

    Shubho Bijoya!


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