Once upon a time on a Road

“Not everything that happens in our life could be explained by our common sense or knowledge or for that matter known science” Ron reflected quite engrossed in his thoughts as Ana looked on. It’s been long since the last time they sat together talking about past. Ron always had lots of stories to tell and while he insisted that those were all his life experience, Ana believed most of them were either borrowed from others life or simply made up.

“Today, I will tell you about an experience I had almost 15 years back but don’t ask me to provide any explanation as I have none” he said in the beginning and started to narrate a journey that he and his friends took to and from Dubai.

That night Ron accompanied by 3 more friends were heading towards Dubai border. It was a long weekend ahead and they would be visiting Dubai for the very first time. Quite obviously they wanted to take advantage by driving through the night so that they could spend the maximum time there.
That had packed everything that would possibly need including condiments, water, sodas coffee etc. They were tempted to add a few cans of beer as well but the better sense prevailed this time.  
The traffic was thick as there were other likeminded holidaymakers trying to do precisely the same. The highway was straight devoid of bends and that made driving even more dangerous as the challenge was to stay awake at the wheels. The car was from a rental company with no emotional attachments making it easy to take turns with driving. Three of them were licensed to drive in both the countries and they set the rule that the person in the front passenger seat shall not sleep and keep company of the driver.

Highways are famous for Ghost stories and there have been many popular stories that has been told countless times with slight variations. Everyone has perhaps heard of a haunted house where nobody can spend time inside and those who have attempted were found lying by the highway outside, next morning. We also heard of highways where a veiled woman is seen walking towards the car and many driver list their life trying to swerve so that they could avoid hitting her.

Everyone have their own belief, conviction or take when it comes to believing in the ghosts though it is understandably difficult to believe that ghosts should have a form. If they did have one then which one would that be and who took those decisions. This was the topic of discussion during the long drive to Dubai that night.

Suddenly, there was a sharp whistling sound outside the car on the highway. It was loud and shrill. Ron was at the steering wheel pressed the brakes instantly and put his hand over his ears. As the speed came down to 100 KM/hr the sound went away. They accelerated again and the sound came back.

After driving 10 more minutes they thought there could be problem with the car and accelerated with to verify. But this time there were no such sound. They forgot about this incident and had great tie in Dubai. On their way back they had the same experience in the same stretch of the highway.

Reaching home Ron was shocked to learn that one of his colleagues had  lost control of his car and got killed in the same stretch of road they encountered the whistle the night before.

Ana and Ron, both had to rub their hands on the arms to get those goose bumps go away!

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  1. Is this fiction? I like ghost stories, but i dont believe in them.

    1. Well.. you can consider it to be based on a real incident whilst remaining a fiction.

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  3. Spooky....just in time for Halloween...:)

  4. Bhooter golpo... love it. Only don't wish to meet one. :P :)

  5. I'm terrified of spooky things, movies stories, everything! Thought twice before reading this one :)

  6. I do not like to read spooky stories at night :D Good one!

  7. Uncanny things do happen. This is the second day I am reading a spooky story at night.


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