An Art for Drinking

Last week we went to Mc Donald café for a cup of coffee Latte and when they served it we were pleasantly surprised.

It’s called Latte art of coffee art and I have seen such pictures earlier. But honestly, I never had an opportunity to drink a painting of sorts. The coffee tasted good and the artwork added the little extra that gives us happiness.
Conventionally the decoration is done by pouring the steamed milk on espresso coffee to generate the foam and creating a pattern on the surface of the drink. This art is particularly difficult to create due to lack of consistency in the top layer of the foam.

A little google-search enlightened me further.  I also discovered that a company called “Steam CC” has developed an appliance called “Ripple Maker” which can print incredible beautiful and artistic foam prints like the one above. Read more here.


  1. I love my coffee, I survive on it. I have seen the coffee art before and always imagined that some man makes those painstaking patterns on the foam by hand. It was good to read about the ripple maker.

  2. That is interesting.
    I always thought it was something like mehndi art on palms and feet. :P :)

  3. Haven't seen artist prints on coffee yet. This is new to me :)

  4. This is something new and interesting.....:)

  5. Thank you fellow-bloggers for taking out time to visit my page.

  6. Hi! This is some real interesting information!


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