Destiny? Think About It!

Story # 1

Ramdin was a poor man living in the village with his wife and children. He was not a god fearing person but loved his God. He prayed Lord Vishnu two times every day and remembered him every moment. But he was so poor that he could hardly make his ends meet.

Narod muni, the highest disciple of Vishnu was perplexed by this situation and could not understand why someone who was so devoted to his lord has to suffer so much. Where is his mercy!

Narod went up to lord Vishnu and begged, do something for this devotee of yours. He doesn’t deserve this suffering. The lord smiled and the land got the best weather in centuries. The crop yielded an unusually productive harvest while the trees were full of fruits. But poor Ramdin gained nothing out of it as he did not own any. 

Next time when they were together on the daily tour, Narod muni raised his concern about Ramdin. Lord said, “I gave the best harvest ever. What else can I do? If it’s not in his luck, its beyond me!”

“Prabhu look at the father and son going to the forest to collect wood to sell. They haven’t eaten anything since yesterday but still he prayed before he left his home. Please give him something directly this time.”

Lord said “since you are insisting, I shall try that as well.” 100 feet ahead of them in the jungle track, he dropped a bag of money and jewels.”

20 feet before they reached the bag, Ramdin told playfully to his son, “Let’s see who can walk the farthest with his eyes shut.”

When they opened their eyes, the bag full of wealth was far behind them.

Story # 2

Yamraj, one fine day came to Banshilal and announced: "Hey dude, your time in this world is now up. You have to come out with me."

Banshilal: "But I’m not ready!”

Yamraj:  "Well, that’s your problem. Your name is the first on my list and stop wasting my time."

Banshilal:"Okay, let me have one last cup of coffee before I leave. Please give me company for my last drink in this world."

Yamraj:"All right... "

Banshilal laced his coffee with sleeping pills. Yamraj fell into a deep sleep as soon as he drank it. Banshilal removed his name from top of the list and put at the bottom!

Yamraj had such a peaceful sleep after a very long time and was very pleased. He sat up and said: "Because you have been so nice to me, I will start my job from the bottom of the list. You will have some more time."


Whatever written in your destiny shall never change.

Do we really have to believe this?


  1. Very nice stories to drive the fact that we are driven by our destiny. However that doesn't mean we stop trying for the better as we do not know what that destiny is - maybe if Ramdin had kept his eyes open he would have availed the opportunity.

  2. Nice read.

    Sriram & Krithiga


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