Ministry set to announce new TV broadcast rights deal, believed to be worth about $2 billion

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NEW DELHI: Information and broadcasting (I&B) minister is likely to take a view on the contentious issue of whether to proceed with monetizing the crime investigations in the country though selling of broadcasting rights of all information related to the case.
The high cost involved in the case of Sheena Bora murder including air travel of her un-extended family has been an eye opener. The ruling party has agreed to bring a bill in the parliament to allow provision for self-financing of such investigations.  A well-informed source in the ministry said that many options has been considered and zeroed down on auctioning of the broadcasting rights.
Sources say the Government is ready with a draft on One Crime One Sponsorship (OCOS) scheme in addition to annual broadcasting rights. These could be rolled out as early as January 2016 to take advantage of the usual high crime rates during the New Year revelations.
A general consensus exists on this among the politicians in principle including those who never had any principle. The politicians seem to have agreed to end this injustice where the government spends all the money to carry out the investigations while the media makes the money. “Humko to kya milta hai? Babjee ka thullu!” exasperated one of the senior leaders.
Sources said that the decision would depend on government's view on "economics of offence''. A police sources has also informed “we are holding back on taking action on numerous other cases dating back to 2013, till the government finalize the broadcasting rights issue.”
Stars TV, is believed to be aggressively lobbying to win the broadcasting rights that is expected to start in 2016 and run for at least five years. The deal, which also includes internet and mobile rights, was valued at Rs 13340 crores (approximately $2 billion) by some experts.

Although the parliament has to formally ratify this, there has been high level of enthusiasm amongst the lawmakers. Senior leader, Mr. Hardik Kumar, commented “ Humra rajya ko sabse zyada munafa hoga...aur is amdani se ...hum pichrapan bhi hata payenge!”. 


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