Investment Idea Max India Ltd – A Sachchi Advice

Advices are available in abundance these days and given half a chance, we don’t hesitate to deliver one. An American comedian once stated that it is too bad that the only people who run the country are too busy driving a taxi cab or giving a haircut.

This makes it a bit more difficult for us to decide whom to listen to or whom not to and more importantly which one is genuine. There is no denying that we need advice to sail through our life, after all we cannot afford to make all the mistakes ourselves in one lifetime. The best strategy probably is to let other people advice but not let them decide for us. We need to be like the mythological swan that can drink the milk and leave the water behind.

But humans are strange animals. Most of them suffer from the congenital weakness that they know everything until off course when it’s too late. Only exception being the medical doctor but that too is now jiggling as people use Google first and then call for the physician.
The most difficult of all is to seek advice with our financial matters, primarily because of our suspicious nature. When we do decide to seek an advice, we check the age before considering his knowledge and expertise in that particular field.

The author of the blog Sense and Nonsense with Nirmalya Deb Roy who also happens to be my younger sibling once gave me an advice financial advice on 20 August 2010. It was about investing on Max India limited which I considered with all seriousness. I did invest around 300 thousands and it grew 3.15 times before I sold it for close to 1 million rupees. This for me was one of the Sachchi advices in life that ended as a success story worth sharing.

But it was not only recipient of this advice as he had also published the same in his blog post Investment Idea Max India Ltd. However, we cannot be certain as to how many people benefited from this or how much.  

But unfortunately he has stopped reaching out with financial advices to all through his blog and when I reasoned with him sometimes back, he reminded me of an old Irish proverb that says; don’t give cherries to pigs or advice to fools.

“I am participating in the #SachchiAdvice Contest by MaxLife in Association with BlogAdda.”


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