I looked at the Sun while returning home this afternoon and found it setting. It looked lovely. I pulled up the car to the side and took a couple of pictures. I thought I was Sun-struck!

Despair: Silly me! I thought I invented the term Sun-struck. I imagined myself at the threshold of gaining fame and prosperity for being able to use my fertile mind in successfully remixing the word Moonstruck.

Reasons: I looked up in the dictionary and lo, it enlightened me that this exists in full glory. It refers to someone who is affected or touched by the sun. Incidently it has been in use since 1794.

Conclusion: Inventing something is becoming increasingly difficult, 'am say!!!... but we can discover something new in our world every moment.  


  1. Yes everything on earth already seems to exist. I didn't know that Sun-struck existed though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks to your enlightenment I know this word now and I am going to use it extensively in my blogposts. :P :)


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