Maya, The Illusion

There was repeated outage of the internet signal and I kept watching those irritating circles on my screen every time the system tried to retrieve information for me. I became philosophical as I was forced to ask myself the what if question. 

Does everything that we believe to be our own, belong to us or its all Maya, an illusion?

All documents, important project information, communication and testimonies received through emails are not ours but captives in the servers belonging to Microsoft, Yahoo, Google or some other service provider. Without a proper connection I don’t even stand a chance of viewing them.

We work tirelessly and what remains of our hard earned money are nothing but numerals in our bank accounts, other financial institutions, stock exchange or maybe a builder who has agreed to deliver a pricey bit of real estate. Probably you would never dwell there as it’s your second, third or nth such property.

The valuables acquired over a lifetime are stashed away in the lockers of a bank or a security service provider. You will visit those only a couple of times a year. Even that access to the locker could be denied for a slight mismatch of the signature.

Our family is without doubt ours but they are too far away from where we now live and work. We are with them only a couple of times every year, while our children prepare to flies away looking for better prospects. We do everything within our limits to make this a reality.

We struggle and waste lot of our energy for achieving things that we either do not use or we do not require. The following are a few striking examples:

  • We aspire for high end hand phone and 70% of the functions are useless to most of us.
  • 70% of the features of our cars are not needed and we can only drive at 50% of the maximum speed.
  • We dream of a luxurious villa and 70% of the space will not be occupied.
  • As we peep into the wardrobe we discover that 70% of the clothes are not worn.
  • We have a collection of watches and 70% of them have run out of battery
  • Sadly we work hard to save money all our life and 70% of that is left behind for other people to use.

So need to understand what is “Maya” and what is reality to start living our life for today. Let’s thrive to achieve only what we need and anything more is a bonus. We not have to be a perfectionist to enjoy what we have today.
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a Present for us to open and relish.


  1. I share your thoughts on the subject, and loved the way you put it with reference to Microsoft, Yahoo & Google. Quite contemporary!

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