Painting our Home – A Lean Philosophy

Pablo Picasso once said "Colours, like features, follow the changes of the emotions”. With a going to be 8 years doting daughter, it’s her emotions that changes and our family follows. Very few will disagree on the benefits of involving children in decision making process early in their life. This is particularly valid for such decisions that touch their lives constantly and colour of the living spaces is quite high on that list. Colour can communicate easily through symbolism and no wonder that white have been reserved by Priests, doctors and politicians.

This probably is the scenario in most households though the adults have to bring some rationale or even overrule their suggestions at times. Adults in this context usually refer to the ladies of the house as when it comes to colour schemes, the man even if he is a pro, doesn't stand a chance.

However, not everybody can visualize the final looks of any particular space based on a small swatch of colour available in the shade card. Many a times the final product comes as a bitter surprise to the owners generating unwanted stress and leading towards expensive rework. The "smart paint finder tool ” has ushered in a revolutionary new era where the family could gather around to select the colours looking at the end product painted virtually before splashing a single drop of paint on the wall. It is now less stressful for families who are looking forward to having their new dream home painted or having the house repainted.

This is an efficient method for saving cost and time for the owner at the same time friendly to the environment. This is a striking example of “lean philosophy” put into practice.

When it comes to the choice of colours, our genes are pre-coded and my daughter’s selection based on the “ dusted pink ” doesn't come as a surprise. As a girl moves towards adolescent her choice of colours shifts from pink towards purple. This embodies the balance of red simulation and blue calm. This dichotomy however, can be the cause of uneasiness unless the undertone is clearly defined letting purple take on the characteristics of its undertone. For adults like us this creates a sense of mysticism through its royal qualities like uplifting, calming mind and nerves and offering a sense of spirituality. Purple is often the favourite of very creative or eccentric people.

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