What is DCIM Anyways?

The other day I was whiling away my time while my daughter was taking her music lessons. The pictures I have posted here are not worthwhile but something one would categorize as pure time pass. Nevertheless I tried to capture the moon in a night sky with a Samsung phone camera.

One thing has intrigued me was why pictures from all cameras gets stored in a folder called DCIM. What is DCIM anyways? 

I now discovered that many many moonlit nights back DCIM, which is an acronym for Digital Camera IMages, became the default directory structure for digital cameras.

Once a memory card is inserted into any camera, the camera immediately looks for a folder by the name of ‘DCIM' folder. That is true for every camera – whether it is a DSLR, other dedicated digital camera, Android phone or an Iphone. If it doesn't find one, it creates one and similarly some desktop image-editing programs are designed to look specifically for ‘DCIM' folders on any media inserted into the PC.

The DCIM folder and its layout come from DCF, a standard created back in 2003 by JEITA, the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association.
There is more information available in the World of Internet for anyone willing to dig further.



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