Quill - A not so simple feather

It was a harmless simple feather. At least that is what it seemed to Ron. It was inside the age-old manuscript like object that Ana has discovered in the attic. Now a day’s Ron doesn't visit Ana as frequently as he used to do sometimes back.
After all the situation has changed since Ana has revealed her true feelings. Human are social animals and their life is all about relationship and relationship.
Today Ana had called him over the phone excitedly and told “please come over as soon as you can. I have some queer stuff to share.” She spoke in length about the old diary that she has found and the also the picture of the ancestral sofa.
But when he came over, she also showed him this old dilapidated notebook. She said “you have a look at it while I go down and arrange for some refreshment for you.”Before he could stop her she was running down the stairs.
It was a very old piece of treasure but definitely not before paper was invented. He was mesmerized and sat down on the chair by the discarded desk nearby. He gently placed the notebook on the desk and untied the ribbon carefully.
He removed the feather and held it in a pen-hold grip and glanced at it casually. He cannot believe his eyes. It was not a feather that he was holding but a quill.
“How didn’t I notice this so long” he thought, a bit disturbed.
He looked up at the mirror by the side of the room and was shocked. It was not his familiar face that was staring back at him from the mirror. It was almost him but somehow it appeared he was dressed for a fancy dress party themed 1715.
“What’s happening to me?” he murmured. He blinked his eyes and everything was back to normal to his relief.
“Am I hallucinating? Or it was just my imagination” he wondered.
Just then Ana came back to the attic with some cakes and lemonade.
“How long is your family staying in this house?” he questioned.
“More than three centuries”, she replied thoughtfully. I should tell you something interesting that I found out today. “Two hundred years back one of our grand great grandfather built this house. Interestingly, he was also called Ronbir. Just like you.”

Interesting indeed! Ron thought.


  1. What a strange incident or was it coincidence?! Good read.

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