The Ancestral Sofa

Ana went up to the attic to spend some time alone. She did that whenever she felt a bit low though not too often. Today she lied down on the old chaise lounge to ruminate on her early childhood and how quickly things have changed.  As if to figure out what went wrong.  Suddenly she remembered her mice friends, her childhood buddies. She missed them very much and wanted to hug them this very moment. She was confident that she will succeed in locating her old soft toys somewhere here.

Rummaging through the Attic, she finally spotted Minnie Mouse in an old trunk and quickly picked her up. Mickey too was nearby. vOnce those were removed, a maroon colored object caught her attention and she bent to pick it up. It appeared to be an old diary and upon close inspection, she discovered that it belonged to an ancestor of her dating back a few centuries.  As she was moving through the pages carefully something dropped off from between the pages. It was a picture of mother sitting on the rocking chair in the living room; and on the wall behind, there was a framed portrait of an old man sitting on a blue sofa of Victorian design.

She vaguely remembered an argument between her father and mother about taking that picture off the wall. That memory made her curious to find out what was in the diary.  She went back to her chaise lounge with the diary and started in the beginning.

She was astonished, when she found out that his great great grandfather some three centuries back was a scientist and had invented a time machine.  He had travelled in time and documented those in vivid detail.  He had foreseen that Ana's mother would fall ill and die followed by her father leaving her in the hands of her stepmother.  Probably after reading this her mother was caught between believing the diary and grief for her family. And this was why her mother was unhappy and got the picture removed from the wall.

Just then her stepsisters came knocking at the attic door and she decided to hide the diary before rushing to open the door.  


  1. To find a diary written by an ancestor 300 years ago would be very interesting. This seems like the start of a story. Is this going to be continued?

    1. First one was as Cinderella with a twist. This one using the three given objects.... Blue sofa, diary and time machine. There another one using a quill.
      But the stories are not tied up as one would like to see. That's for another day.


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