Shadow or Ghost

Ana said, “What’s the matter, Ron! Why’s this strange expression all over your face?”
“Actually “Ron started and then stopped abruptly. “I have to leave. I got something urgent to catch up. I will come back soon and go through this notebook. I promise,” he said and got up to leave.
He started to walk down the stairs and Ana followed him, trying to understand what has gone wrong if at all anything has gone wrong.
As he was about to cross the threshold, he turned and said, “I need to go and see an ophthalmologist one of these days. I need someone who is awfully good. Do you have anyone in mind?”
“Why?”She asked, concerned.
“You remember that afternoon when I slept off in your attic while waiting for you to return.”
“That was more than three weeks back, wasn’t that”, she continued. “You were startled when I woke you up. It was as if you have seen a ghost”.
“I do not remember that part. But when I was driving back home that evening, I felt there was a man sitting beside me in the front passenger seat”. He paused for a moment and then said “and that was not the last time. I seem to be having a company rather a constant company”.
“It could  be  what they call a ‘corner of eye phenomena’ and that’s the reason I would like to consult a specialist”.
“What’s that?” She quipped. “I have never heard of something like this before”.
“People sometimes sees an image from the corner of their eyes. The image occasionally resembles faces or human figures. Usually this phenomenon is short lived and the image vanishes if one looks straight at them. That is the reason these images are called ‘shadow ghosts ‘or ‘shadow people’,” he explained.
“Oh! I see that you have caught a shadow?”She said. “It’s not about your eyes. It’s likely that you have seen a spirit. It was probably of a person who has been long gone from our world... physically”.
“You know something”, she continued.” Seeing a shadow figure or a glimpse of someone is a very common way of meeting a spirit. In fact, most of the time this spirit is not a ghoul or a ghost. That’s the reason for them not being confrontational.  If there was an intention to frighten you, he could have opened and slammed the door shut midway or at high speed. Or would have tapped your shoulder and whispered in your ears”. She paused to take a breath.

“Stop this nonsense!”He said. There was more confusion in his voice than irritation. “If you don’t know about any ophthalmologist, that’s fine with me. I will find one. But please do not  make me more confused than I already am at this moment. It’s not at all a funny feeling!”
He started to move towards his car. Before opening the car door, he turned around and shouted, “Bye Ana. You take care”.
“Bbye” she said and then she murmured , “did he hear me!”


  1. Interesting ! Mind conjures up images or may be there is something else...

  2. Perspectives or just a mind game :)

  3. Spooky stuffs scares me a bit :)
    I just hope it was a normal feeling.


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