The story of Beilzebub, Ghidora & Tiny Demons

Many many years back, there was a beautiful, quiet and prosperous country at the foothills of the mighty mountains. The world then was a very different place, full of green forests, blue waters and ice capped mountains that shone like diamond in the morning sunlight. There was a big village in that country called Adorable.

Everyone liked this place and that is why it was named Adorable. A large river went through the middle giving water to everyone and plenty of small streams danced along, playfully. The water was as clear as crystal. One could see all animals swimming happily and smiling whenever someone stood by the river banks. The air was always fresh and full of intoxicating scent of exotic flowers and fruits. A dense forest surrounded the village from two sides while the snowcapped mountains guarded the other two sides. 

The king was famous for his benevolence and people were so happy that they always thanked their gods for the blessings bestowed upon them. Gods too loved this land and often visited in disguise. They used to fondly call this their mini-heaven.

One day Beilzebub, the devil came to know of Adorable and was very jealous of its abundance, wealth and happiness. He sent Ghidora, the 3-headed monster along with his wife Arachna to bring anarchy and induce sadness. They happily accepted the task and immediately moved to a large cave in the middle of the forest. They caught 5 strong men from the village and took away their heads. They became five dreaded Dulkhams or the headless horsemen responsible to guard the forest day and night killing anyone who dared to come near the cave.

Ghidora then sent Skeleton, his witchy black cat to the king with a message to provide fresh human flesh and blood every day or else he would destroy everyone. The king was helpless as the mighty Gods also could not do anything to save the people of Adorable.

The king gathered all the priests of the land in the royal temple and together they prayed to Hardes, the god of the underworld seeking his blessings. Hardes was pleased by the prayers and promised to send a savoir.

Next morning a stranger appeared in their village, riding a white horse and carrying a sharp sword that was shining bright in the morning sunlight. He was handsome, strong and brave and introduced himself as a warrior from the north and his name was Spike. He promised “tomorrow, I shall go to fight Ghidora and bring an end of all your miseries.”

The brave warrior confronted the 3-headed beast early in the morning as promised. Adorable was taken by the sound of clinking of metals and battle cries. After enduring a long and fierce battle that lasted for many hours, Spike killed the beast and sliced it into tiny little bits with his sharp sword. Arachna  ran for her life, carrying skeleton in her lap and never to look towards Adorable in her life.

Just then Beilzebub arrived to the scene and was furious to find out what has happened to his monster. He decided to take revenge and used his evil powers to reconstitute those tiny bits of Ghidora into millions of tiny monsters equipped with wings and a trunk to collect blood from humans. Since that day mosquitoes filled the earth and constantly flying around sucking blood of humans trying to take revenge for the slaying of Ghidora.

The people of Adorable got back their peace and the king was so happy that he gave the hand of his daughter, the beautiful princess to Spike and they got married in a grand ceremony.

But Beilzebub still watches over his tiny demons from above the clouds and reconstitutes new mosquitoes, every time you smash one between your palms. Now you know why the number of mosquitoes never goes down in this Earth.

This is specially written for my daughter who loves short stories.


  1. :D :D such a cute story. I remember telling such stuffs to my daughters while feeding them when they were toddlers.

  2. lovely :-)
    Cheers, Archana -


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