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Coming to Dubai

First week in March of 2008 when I relocated myself to realize the Dubai dream I was overwhelmed by the sheer scale of things in this city. Living in Dubai is completely a different experience than visiting the city for a day or transiting by its airport. I was speechless as I discovered a city so vibrant and so full of life with so much of glitz all around. I was put up in a service apartment on the Sheikh Zayed road and used the public transport to commute to and from my office in Deira. It was almost like a skiing, could not have been smoother. I used to wonder while it only takes 15 minutes travel to and back from my workplace, why is all this fuss that people make about Dubai Jam. Soon I realized that it was only the beginner's luck that worked in my favor when I had to wait only for a few minutes to get my morning taxi while a phone call to the RTA call center used send me a taxi to get me home safe and sound. The rude awakening came as I found out it is was not only diffi

A Random Act of Kindness

Today the internet has become a part of our life, so much so that we now have a mental condition where in the patients suffers from a disorder that arises out of not being able to access the internet. People find it difficult to handle the situation where they cannot access the Google to search for something that came accross their mind. This might be an extreme condition, but it is quite normal to use internet for their day to day life in staying connected and staying enlightened. None of these can be termed as selfless acts even if these are not selfish but we seldom put back to the web as much as we seem to have taken from it. The article that I came across in a weekend magazine is about spreading the good word and is a complete eye opener. It all started when young Melissa Morris-Ivone encountered a polite gesture from a fellow human being; a gesture which used to be part of a normal day's work in the good old times. Today we are in a world of cut throat competition. With all t