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A Millionaire.... 2B or not 2B

Grab a couple of dollars and fly into Zimbabwe. Voila! you become a millionaire. This perhaps is easiest way to become a millionaire today. But sometimes it better not to take the easy route. The challenge is to retire as one and that too in dollars term. Till yesterday Zimbabwe and its millions has been a party joke. Now with recession staring at our faces it is not easy any more to laugh at others. The relatively younger generation with lot of determination and a bit of prudence can still work out a plan to end up in a comfortable situation at their retirement. Though the big question is how? Lets try to think together how that can be achieved. The bigger question is what does people who are nearing retirement do. I still havn't found an answer. Now lets find out what a person presently going through mid-life crisis do to secure a comfortable retired life. All will agree taht every one dreams to be a millionaire before they hang the boots. But it is not easy and it requires a lot

Stay At Home Dads

Just a few weeks back I was reading a rather interesting article in a local magazine. It spoke about a subject that till recently was not such an acceptable social trend in our society, but things surely seems to have changed with the turn of the century. Well, the article was about "stay -at-home dads". Let me try and give a bit of insight into the concept. Its about men who are not at work everyday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. and they seem to be growing in number as well as popularity (conceded Margaret Thatcher was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1979-1990). According to British Government statistics, 20,000 men in the UK embrace househusbandhood. Amazing! Well one can check out either or for further details. Once I was through with that piece my reaction was perhaps a bit different than others. Oh wow! Is this official now? This is what I uttered to myself. I had started my architectural career with a high profile interior design