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An ode to the desert trees of Bahrain.  In the parched realms, it seldom rains, Life is sparse,  yet the hardiest reins, In those barren lands to nature’s dare, Trees stand resolute but few and rare. Adversities turn to occasion for brilliance,  Not soil sweet, strong winds built resilience, In the arid silence, their roots entwine,  With each storm, their strengths redefine. Twisted but resolved,  the sentinels of hope, Throughout time, they persist, they cope, Silhouetted, against the expanse of sand, testament to the enduring spirit of this land.

That old boat

When I looked at the boat, I got a bit emotional and reflected on the life in general..... The Old Boat Towering waves, I twirled with grace,  Each fierce storm, a fleeting embrace, Sang melody to the gulls, carefree,  Flirted along fishes silver and glee. To wind’s might, my sails aligned, Salt and Sun in  journey intertwined, Forces then I braved, as a child’s play, Those memories now softly sway. Old and abandoned is today’s reality, Time is relentless in its truth or cruelty,  To kings and paupers, its march unkind,  In its silent hands, all destinies entwined.