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A morning thought

Anyone nurturing the idea that a man loves to shave would be grossly mistaken. This is one hardship he has to routinely undergo every morning. I do agree that as teen aged boy, he might be counting days to step in to the new world of grownups, but when the realization finally dawns it is too late!   Today while I was in the act, old memories suddenly rushed in. I remembered as a child watching my father shave in the morning. During the early days he used to have the saving soap in the form of a bar packed inside a round container which subsequently gave way to present day saving cream. All Through my adulthood I never noticed a shaving bar in the regular super market shelves. Growing up in the north eastern corner of India I can boast of experiencing things which had then become obsolete in other parts of the world.  Though a state capital it could not be in termed as a city in the golden seventies. I graduated into the ranks of shave-able person and got started with a safety razor a

The wrath of Mother Nature

On 11 March 2011 we woke up to the devastating news of a massive earthquake striking in Japan and that was followed by massive Tsunami waves. As we sat in the comfort of our living rooms and watched the news break in our TV screens, we were terrified. We were awestruck as we watched buildings, cars and ships thrown around as if they were pieces of LEGO toys. I heard the news commentator mention repeatedly that cities, villages and towns have been washed away by those 10m high waves. I did not realize the extent of the damage till I saw these set of satellite Photos which compared the images taken after the devastation with the ones taken before the Quake and Tsunami .

Tale in Two Cities

There are turmoils occurring around the world starting from the later part of 2010 and it looks like it is going to continue through 2011. On one side there have been natural disasters in New Zealand, Japan and Myanmar and on the other hand there are plenty of manmade disasters going on in many countries around the world.  I would not make any political comment or put forward my personal opinion on any of those conflicts here in my blog. In this post I share two incidents as narrated by two individuals through their emails. This gives an insight into people’s life that happens to be inside the conflict zones. Libya - February 22, 2011 “This was a great evacuation from Libya.... its horrible experience by all expats. My passport which was in Libyan immigration, Misrata (300km from Tripoli) which was with protester was destroyed as the immigration office was burnt down. I was asked by my company at last minute to request Indian embassy for a paper. February 22, 2011 is unforgettable da

Out Of the Office Window

In earlier times photography was not what it is today. I may sound like a  centenarian but the fact of the matter is that the world has changed a lot in the past  2decades. When we were in the college photography was a celebration like life's many other trivial things in today's perspective. Today the world is moving towards a single gadget .. a gadget that is everything to him and does everything  for him. A notebook, a digital diary, a calender, a camera a navigator, a radio, a music player and also a phone to name only a few. Its only after 2004 that I have started to click pictures on the go..... not to mention the effect it had on the quality! A have posted a few pictures which records the view out of my office window over the past few years. Some of these are directly out of my seat and some are from colleagues'. Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait Kuwait My present office is in the Proje