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E-commerce for Dummies

“Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe....We shall overcome, someday” Generations of Indians sang this song every morning in their school assemblies or while cheering teams later in the life. We are able to derive greater inner strength from this anthem.  We successfully overcome numerous obstacles “day in and day out” as we navigate through the challenges of life. Unfortunately, we do not consider this mantra while chasing dreams close to the heart. Leaving the few entrepreneurs, we conveniently shy off from grabbing the bull by its horns when it comes to setting up our own businesses or self-employment. This is particularly true for trained professionals like engineers in-spite being better equipped for it. They remain within the comfort zone of remunerations, oblivious of the fact that the same effort could generate more satisfaction, appreciation and higher revenue. A myth we heard during our younger days was that money flew in Kolkata streets. It could be mistaken for a

I Channel - I share with the world that my eyes see

During the August of 2015, Varshika participated for  #ColgateMagicalStories   competition hosted by  indiblogger . Buoyed by the encouragement received from that effort, she continued to face the camera unscripted and is introducing her world to the outer world.   As part of constructive parenting I am supporting her with post production and with the camera. She have completed quite a few videos for her YouTube channel. Its called  I Channel  and she invites all to find some time and visit her channel.

Different But Unique

20 May 2017 Each child coming to this world is A wesome, U nique, T alented, I mpressive, S pecial and definitely they are all M arvelous creations of God. Some of them are categorized under….. AUTISM. Autism or “ autism spectrum disorder ” represents a wide range of mental conditions that develops in early childhood and the term “spectrum” reflects its variety. Different combinations of genetic and environmental influences as we know, causes autism while creating unique strengths and differences in the affected individuals. I would argue there are more than one ways of doing things correctly in our world and if a child cannot learn the way most others does then we need to learn new techniques.  We therefore need to accept the fact that when it comes to a child, there cannot be normal or abnormal because each of them are unique. I was introduced to a personality albeit a feature article in the local newspaper and his name is Stephen Wiltshire. His website  describ