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Time Freezes... The Sun is setting ... A plane about to land.. while a boat lazing aro und They say Industrial revolution has brought in the concept of mass education where large number of pupils were taught in the classrooms as opposed to one is to one teacher student relationship. The result have been amazing and the world started to mass produce all the produce all categories of professionals. A large number of individuals who could do the same work with same level of expertise and one could replace the other so very easily. I think one of the few profession which was relatively untouched by this sweeping wave has been the photography. Primarily because of the high initial cost and operation expense. Today we live in a world where everyone is a photographer and a digital camera is one of the most common possession of a person on the street. The first question you will face when some one spots a new camera is "how many mega pixels is your camera?" the notion is that the hi

Traffic Signal Photography

What do you do when you stop at the traffic light? One has to be very attentive in this part of the world. A delay of a split second to move at the light turning green could start a live orchestra with people trying their hands on the car horns. I have noticed some motorist, (actually more than some motorist) devoting this spare time of theirs in keeping their nose clean. In other words downloading stuff from inside their nose into their car with the help of the index fingers. Some people like to spend this time by getting prepared for the meeting he is going to attend on his arrival or being creative by developing ideas or trying to solve mathematical mind benders or maybe analyzing the days activities at work, the usual what went wrong or what could be dealt in a better way..... while the car fm provide the background score. Have you ever tried to try your hand at photography. These are some result of my humble attempt at what I call "Traffic signal photography" . Let me kn

Irresistible Oman

There is something mystical about Muscat that I did not feel in any other places I had lived. The people of Oman are very friendly and so are the administration. I will never forget the way the Royal Oman Police (ROP) helped us when our car wheels got stuck in the loose gravels off-road. That is another story to tell. If we believe that nice people are gifted with nice surrounding then there can be no better example than Oman. I have lived in Oman and later on went back periodically on business trips. Watercolor on a canvas The city of Muscat nicely situated with a mountain range on one side and the open ocean on the other. First time I saw these mountains it appeared to me like barren hills with no character or appeal. But a closer look put me in trance, those mountains were standing as if they have just come out of water after having a bath.The mountains quite literally show distinct signs that those have been under water forever, even if it was a few million years ago. We could sti