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A Place We Adopt

A strange question may it appear... But let me ask it anyways. Did you ever happen to adopt any part of this universe or to be more realistic a particular place in the city that you live in as your own. I guess knowingly or unknowingly everyone has a special place like this all the time. As kids these spaces are very pronounced and visible to all. It may be the unused corner of the room where one takes refuge after getting a scolding or the shade in the garden that one rushes to after completing homework and the list is endless. As we grow older and older it gets split into separate segments for separate actions and some of them are very formal while some are relatively more private and personal. There are many such places and to name a few there could be a few locations to hang out with friends; places to hang out with a closer friend and sometimes a spot to sit and reflect. The last one in the list is the one that I was referring to at the beginning. Physically you may not anywhere

Giving credit where it is due

How does one define the Credit Cards? Are they the basic necessity of life or a necessary evil or do you call it an ally who have the potential to ruin your life if let loose! The card companies are very aggressive in promoting their products and it is true that these companies are striving to enhance their services to further promote customer satisfaction. To entice customers, banks have introduced cards that boast a wide range of benefits. Benefits There are a wide variety of benefits starting with introductory gifts and following that up with offers of the like of cash-back, Air miles, free holidays. As you can take your pick of the offers, it means you can make the most of your credit cards and if you do your research well it will definitely be to your credit. Cash Back Credit Card is the perfect solution for those who need a little more savings to stretch their monthly budgets. Cash Back Cardholders get a fixed portion of their daily expenses refunded in the form of hard cash. Wh