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Give Or I Will Take

There are a few unwritten rule based on underlying philosophies that we assume governs the Universe or more aptly our world. In effect majority of we people abide by these including many who does not believe but still practice. As a result we co-exist in this world happily or worriedly. One such governing factor is based on the principle of “Give and Take”. You give something and you take something else in return, a barter arrangement, be it for goodies or for favors. But that probably is only true for person to person dealing. Sooner or later you will realize as I did is that the interpretation of “Give & Take” for a company is you give and the company takes.  I have never met an organization who believes otherwise. Please give me the address and details if you happen to know one! Often one ends up having to do more than one project at a time. While they never forget to bill the clients separately, they never remember to pay you anything extra. So how do you get it back?


One really doesn’t understand the true meaning of the word WE unless he start to work under a boss who happens to be a manager in the true sense. Every time when the boss comes from a high level management meeting, he usually starts sharing the information about an upcoming submission. The statement that comes out expresses the determination to succeed while evoking a considerable amount of team spirit. “We will have to submit it tomorrow… come hell or high waters!” … a dialogue many people are accustomed to! It doesn’t take much longer to discover that this particular “WE” is correctly spelt “Y-O-U”. A decade back the parting speech used to be “don’t forget to place it on my desk before you go home today (read late night)”. Today it has changed to “do remember to email it to me as soon as you are done”. Good thing about all this is that I am learning the trick of the trade and hope one day soon enough I will master the correct spelling of this magic word ....... &