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"English is very Funny ( pronounced Phunny ) Language" is a famous dialogue by one of the biggest superstars of Hindi movies in one of his super-hit film. This most definitely is a language that binds the whole world together with a medium that all want to understand and accept. Well the world that I am aware of! But with the progress of technology more and more of us have started to use English alphabets to write our own vernacular languages. The outcome of this mixing is a product which most of the times are very funny to the third person. And when you encounter something like this in a supermarket notice board, you are left wondering if this was a spelling mistake or another language using English characters!

Never fight with an idiot

As I was driving to work this morning I remembered a similar morning in Kuwait many years back. It was rush hours and a single lane connecting up to the 5 th Ring road was conveniently converted into 2 lanes and with no consideration to the term “right of way”. I was driving a saloon car and a rugged 4 wheel drive was pushing me from my right and forced me to stop as the metals clinked. I lowered down the window and before I could open my mouth the other guy said … “I agree I am an idiot! But what is wrong with you? You should have stopped.”  I was dumbfounded. The only answer that I could have given was "Hey, I am a idiot too." But was forced to leave the scene as hundreds of cars behind us was getting restless and had started to honk in a way which could easily give the  vuvuzela  South Africans a good run for the money! Later on I asked myself … was I competing with that idiot in idiocracy? Unfortunately the answer was YES! Lessons learnt: Never fight with an idiot