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One Mile Stand

Once again they met today. Few hundred meters from the crossroads. The area was abuzz with morning activities as usual. He was ahead of her but when they looked at each other the earth seemingly stopped rotating for a moment. He took his Cartier shades off and she removed her Gucci. The eyes did all the talking as the RJ played a romantic song on the local station. Silently she said, “ I will follow you wherever you go “ He pleaded “ Please do not let anyone come in between us “ Selena Gomez went on … I've been set free I am hypnotized by your destiny You are magical, lyrical, beautiful You are... And I want you to know, baby They went up to the traffic lights and stopped again both eyes fixated. Then the signal went green. But he was a bit too fast and she could hardly keep up with the speed. Distance grew between them and some other car came to fill the growing space between their cars. He went straight ahead while she took a right turn. A