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The pink Diamond

  Many million years ago, when humanity as we know it had yet to evolve, the world was a vastly different place. A place of primal beauty, where creatures roamed the Earth with no knowledge of language or civilization. Amidst this ancient world, there lived two lovers named Ron and Ana, their names unspoken but their bond unbreakable. Ron and Ana were inseparable, their connection transcending the primitive boundaries of their time. Their love was wordless, expressed through their actions, their eyes, and the warmth of their touch. They shared a unique connection, a deep and unspoken understanding of each other. One fateful day, a natural disaster struck their land. The earth trembled, and the skies rained fire and ash. Ron and Ana, like many others, perished in the cataclysmic event. Ron's body was reduced to dust, mingling with the winds, and becoming one with the elements. But Ana's fate was different. As the disaster unfolded, Ana's body was thrust deep beneath the Eart