Our World’s Toothpaste Moment

There was a campaign to convince the companies that cardboard packaging for toothpastes were a complete waste. Being one of the most common household product in everybody’s life Toothpaste have a huge multiplier. After all this product used at the least once a day by old, young and everyone in-between.   

A few days back we bought a promotional pack of three toothpaste and it’s unfortunate that we were given 3 cardboard boxes while we desired none. It’s a fact of life that most of us will discard the boxes into the bin without a second looks.
There are no doubts that by changing this habit, a substantial amount of burden on our world will be reduced.

Don’t get me wrong, I very well understand the significance of packaging and am not advocating to deprive consumer of this experience. I shall never forget remember my experience of unpacking my Tissot watch. Back in then, it was a luxury product for me long before I learnt later that it doesn’t qualify to be one. The velvet lined wooden box had the central chamber for the watch, a drawer in the lower part housed the user manual, while an independent slot was allocated for the warranty card.

There are other products for which the unpacking experience has got high intrinsic values. Some of the toys for children, particularly those for girls, values a lot for packaging. My daughter typically loves to unpack her toy in front of the camera and post them in her YouTube channel.

But these are not everyday products like a toothpaste or a shaving cream. I do not believe anyone has the time to enjoy the unpacking experience of these basic necessities. Why do we need them in that case?

I propose to start a campaign to leave the box of toothpaste and saving creams at the super market after the checkout. A message to the manufacturer that we do not need those.

Are you going to join me!

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  1. I agree with you Suman, it is unforutnate to see that there is so much of unnecessary packaging in the industry. It has grown to an extent that it is cheaper to get it out to the customer with packaging than without. It goes worse in the UK Where plastic, cling films are used to wrap fresh food. I don't understand the rationale of it at all, it just is such a huge amount of waste accumulating in the planet. I would love to join a movement where we start inculcating simplistic lifestyles to ensure that the big corporations atleast start listening.


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