There I am...

Today we were strolling on a park as the Sun was leaving for the day. My wife's phone camera came handy to capture this magic moment as I left mine inside the car. There I am ready to feed my Instagram account after a very long gap.

I thought it is a good idea to introduce myself through my various social media existence. My Instagram account is sumandebray and I post photos taken  exclusively with my phone's camera. It will be a pleasure if friends from my blogsphere  comes along and joins me, I shall be a follower too. I not particularly interested in individuals who have thousands of followers while they follow a other words, I stay away from the celebrities.

My Twitter handle is @Sumandr and I am already connected to some of you.

Then there is the professional social media that I am part of as well. This is the linkedIn and you may find me here. You are invited to come and be part of my network.
A few screenshots from Instagram page.

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  1. Good to know that instagram has finally lured you in :). I do find it a little better than FB and less hatred in there :) ..

    1. I have been in the Instagram for a little while now. But the trouble with me is that I am not very efficient in multi-tasking. When my focus was on Instagram, I deserted the blog and now its the other way around.
      My relationship with FB is's a "like" & "Wish" place for me. Once in a while I get there to like friend's posts and wish them when there are occasions.

  2. good click


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